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The Flip Side: God’s Response to Human Evil


Illustration of Dante’s Inferno, Stradanus, 1587

One of the greatest obstacles to belief in God is the problem of human evil. It is often asked: If God is so good, how can He permit so much evil in the world?

The daily news is a constant reminder of mankind’s capacity for evil. The evil done by humans far exceeds the misbehavior of any other species. Even so, the Bible tells us we were created in the image of a holy and righteous God.

The Bible also tells us that Jesus Christ gave His life to reconcile mankind with God. However, nearly two millennia since the death and resurrection of Christ, the world is still quite evil. That includes the more two billion people who claim to believe in Jesus, yet who aren’t loving people the way Jesus taught us.

When questioning why evil exists, we should each begin by confessing our own guilt. We all suffer in some ways because of other people’s sins, but people also suffer because of what we’ve done. While this doesn’t answer the problem of evil, it should at least keep us humble.

Before I continue, I should clarify that this is written for people who already accept the Bible’s teachings, or who are interested in learning. If you’re not a Christian, please don’t judge Christianity without considering the Bible’s own testimony.

The Two Sources of Human Authority

You’ve probably heard the short explanation of the problem of evil. That is, people are evil because Adam and Eve sinned. This mattered because God had delegated authority over the earth to them (Gen. 1:28). Adam was the representative head of mankind. People have retained this authority ever since, but haven’t properly exercised it because we’re sinners.

That’s not the end of the story—not by a long shot…

God could have intervened to judge mankind at any given point in history. Instead, He chose to first prepare the way through ancient Israel, then send His Son to give His life for our salvation.

God isn’t the source of evil but He is the source of all authority. The Bible tells us that God delegated authority to mankind on two occasions. I’ve already mentioned the first time, in which He assigned authority to Adam.

The second time God delegated authority to mankind was in a scripture passage known as the Great Commission. After Jesus rose from the dead, He appeared to His disciples in Galilee and announced:

All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. (Matt. 28:18-20)

Since Jesus said He possesses all authority, this should leave no doubt that He defeated Satan and reversed Adam’s curse.

Jesus doesn’t tightly hold His authority on a distant throne. Instead, He makes it available to all who believe through the Holy Spirit Who dwells in us.

Each Authority’s Legacy and Reward

We have seen that according to the Bible, mankind received authority both through Adam and through Christ. These sources of authority are evident in the apostle Paul’s description of two broad categories of people, including those who are in Adam and those who are in Christ.

The problem of evil results from the fact that the children of Adam continue his legacy by sinning, thereby perpetuating the problem.

But there’s a flip side because God is counteracting the sin of Adam’s children through the children of Christ. All who are in Christ have access to every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm (Eph. 1:3). We are clothed in God’s righteousness, not our own filthy rags. We even have access to the throne of God (Heb. 4:16). God gave us the ability to progressively reverse the effects of the curse by preaching the gospel and discipling people in the ways of Christ, as He commanded us.

An objection will be raised here because, as we all know, the children of Adam also do good, and the children of God also sin. Sin is so ingrained in us that even Christians must struggle with temptations throughout our lives. How then can anyone rationally affirm that God is defeating evil in the world through Christ and the Church?

The reason this doesn’t appear to make sense is that we naturally focus on people instead of on Christ. We look at how good many non-Christians are, and at how bad many Christians are, while forgetting that one group doesn’t know Jesus and the other does. Another reason is that we look at wonderful things done by individual unbelievers while either forgetting or not realizing that secular society as a whole is under God’s judgment.

We all like to selectively point out good deeds that we’ve done. It’s true that unbelievers often do good things because after all, God created them in His image. However, even their best works are evil because of impurity, and of not being sanctified (made holy) through faith in Jesus Christ. Moreover, the standard for getting into heaven without Christ is to be without sin in every thought and action.

This becomes more understandable when we consider some commonalities and essential differences among the children of Adam and the children of God, as outlined in this table:

Nature From the Creation* Nature After the Fall Primary Ethical Standard Spirit Works

Adam’s Children

Image of God

Sinful Conscience Still in Adam. Judged as Inadequate

Christ’s Children

Image of God

Sinful Scripture Reborn through the Spirit. Accepted and Blessed

*Nature, or natural law, provides moral guidance for both, but is inadequate by itself.

Normally, evangelicals present the gospel with a focus on the individual, and on eternity. The gospel is incorporated in this table, but the emphasis is on the effect on believers, and ultimately on all mankind.

The table hints at an array of truths that are foundational to the Christian faith. Christian apologists have defended the following, related questions on countless occasions:

  • How we can know about God’s existence from the natural world
  • Why sin is the basic problem with humanity
  • How we can know that the Bible is the inspired Word of God
  • Why we need the objective moral standards presented in the Bible
  • How we can know that Jesus fulfilled the messianic prophecies and rose from the dead.
  • How the Church has been a blessing to the world. (See this recent article as an example).

When we view these truths in this framework, we can see how each of them contributes to the argument that even now, God is responding to evil through the Church. He isn’t working primarily through law (even though governments are divinely ordained institutions), but through grace. Christians are to be examples of God’s grace, not of His judgment.

This response to evil challenges all people to stop being part of the problem by repenting of sin, accepting God’s salvation through Christ’s sacrifice, and living by faith in the Son of God.

We can’t always see it, but God judges human works in this world, including those of both Christians and unbelievers. The Lord ultimately determines which human endeavors will fail, and which will prosper. The Bible tells us that God actively blesses believers and our works, but judges unbelievers and their works. Nowhere does the Bible teach that God is inactive, and only waiting for eternity to begin before He will do anything.

This brings up another apparent problem since we all know that unbelievers often prosper and Christians often fail. More specifically, unbelievers often succeed in wrongdoing, and Christians often fail while trying to do serve God.

God’s judgments in this world are not comprehensive. The Lord won’t judge all thoughts and actions until the Final Judgment, at the end of time. That’s why we don’t consistently see good deeds rewarded or evil deeds punished in our lifetimes. This doesn’t mean, however, that God doesn’t execute judgment in this world. The Bible assures us that judgment does occur in God’s timing (Ps. 73). God is more patient than ourselves.

As bad as this world is, it would be a much worse place if God were not on the side of the righteous. Overall, God has, and continues to bless the work of Christians, especially as we spread the gospel and disciple people in response to the Great Commission.

How Christians Can Overcome Evil


The Temptation of Christ by Ary Scheffer (1854)

Speaking of the Great Commission, let’s review the state of the world before that epic turning point in human history.

As Jesus fasted in the wilderness before beginning His earthly ministry, Satan tempted Him by offering the kingdoms of the world. Satan had even boasted, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish” (Lk. 4:6). Since Jesus didn’t call Satan a liar, we should assume that he was telling the truth.

Sadly, some Christian teachers cite this passage as “evidence” that Satan rules the world. They should continue reading their Bibles because Satan later lost that authority. As Jesus told His disciples (and us) in the Great Commission, He now possesses all authority in heaven and earth.

Christians shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Jesus’ death and resurrection made a difference in the world.

Even though Jesus has held all authority for nearly two thousand years, He hasn’t forcibly taken over the world. Neither does He want Christians to forcibly seize the reigns of power. Consequently, Satan and anyone he helps put in power still have substantial authority for the time being.

God wants Christians to advance Christ’s kingdom by overcoming evil. We should begin in our own lives and in the spiritual realm, but we should also consider how we can best make a difference in the “real” world (Mt. 7:5, Eph. 6:12). We’re here to glorify God and preach the gospel, with good works being an essential part of that ministry (Eph. 2:10).

Christians who deny that God intends to effectively defeat evil on this earth find it hard to explain the prophecies related to an earthly kingdom of God. The only thing they can come up with is that God will destroy this earth and create a new one in its place. In fact, the new heavens and earth result from the renewal that is taking place under Christ’s authority and dominion. They also find it difficult to defend against the charge that God is either unwilling or unable to overcome evil in this world.

Christians who say God will let evil forces prevail on this earth (as depicted in the Left Behind novels) but banish evil for eternity have, understandably, lost the attention of most unbelievers. Even if someone takes such a preposterous scenario seriously, this world matters to them. If we expect Jesus Christ and His heavenly Father to lose out to Satan and the Antichrist to the point that Jesus is forced to return with His heavenly army, God’s response to evil appears no more merciful or gracious than that of any human military leader.

Most Christian teachers and lay people today don’t think it’s possible to establish God’s kingdom on the earth apart from Jesus’ return in the clouds. Again, however, Jesus could have already conquered the world long ago.

What, then, is God’s plan? He wants to win people over through love. That’s something that we Christians are capable of doing.

The idea that we can’t build the kingdom of God is ironic since much of the work has already been done. If we understand the Kingdom of God as the extension of Christ’s life and influence on the earth, this has been happening ever since the Great Commission.

Let’s not hunker down out of fear and allow this work to either slow down or go astray. Instead, let’s not only live the gospel but take it to the ends of the earth.

Before we do so, we need to understand the precise nature of the gospel message that Jesus expects us to proclaim. Thus far, most Christians have been preaching only a gospel of personal salvation. I’m not against that, but one thing must be added if we are to be faithful to the whole counsel of God…

Jesus proclaimed, and commanded us to preach what He called the “gospel of the kingdom” (Mt. 24:14). Unfortunately, most Christians today have only a vague idea of what is meant by the word “kingdom.” In fact, “kingdom” has become another Christian buzzword that often has little more value than to help identify certain programs or ministries.

The gospel of the kingdom is the message that God is willing and able to renew the world, including not only individuals but communities and institutions. God desires to save all people, and commands everyone to repent and trust in Jesus for salvation (Acts 17:30, 1 Tim. 2:3-4, 2 Pet. 3:9).

How We Can Influence Authorities

Recently, a Christian who doesn’t believe in this idea of the kingdom advised me to consider the example of the early martyrs.

“I’m all for doing that,” I said.

He told me those martyrs didn’t die for a kingdom, nor for any political reason.

He was mistaken because Rome did feel threatened by the proclamation of Jesus as Lord. Those Christians didn’t think of Jesus as merely a “personal” Lord and Savior. As Herod had feared the baby Jesus, the Caesars understood that, if allowed to spread, the radical concept of Jesus’ universal Lordship could soon threaten their reign.

The small sect of first century Christians has now grown to over two billion, and yet most political rulers today have no fear of God. That can only be because we have reduced the original gospel to one that is almost entirely about personal salvation.

The idea is not that Christians should threaten governments or seek to overthrow them, but that we should proclaim Christ as Lord of all. Our rulers are as duty-bound to obey God as we are to obey them for the Lord’s sake.

While it’s true that such proclamations could fall on deaf ears, what’s important is that we trust in Christ to rule over us, not only from heaven but from earthly seats of authority.

Yes, by “earthly seats of authority,” I’m talking about the same politicians that you may be bitterly and incessantly complaining about. There’s a point at which this kind of reaction displays a lack of faith in God’s sovereignty.

How would you behave if your father had all the authority in the world? Our Father in heaven does. If we would honor and pray for our rulers, God would begin holding them to a higher standard.

Even though evil people often rule over us, God has each of them on a leash and will only let them go so far. Jesus didn’t die to gain His authority in vain.

The Old Covenant was characterized by Law, failure, and judgment. On the whole, this is not what we should expect to see under the New Covenant. God still demands repentance, so obviously He still has moral standards. The difference is that people now have a fuller revelation through Christ, and we have greater access to God through the Holy Spirit. The increasing failure of Israel under the Old Covenant can already be contrasted with the record of the Church’s increasing victory under the New Covenant.

In this article, I’ve examined the problem of evil in the light of the Scriptures. I explained that God has called each of us to be part of the answer. If you aren’t a Christian already, please ask Him to cleanse you from your sins and accept you. God is ready to forgive you and be gracious to you, but you must rest your faith in Jesus Christ.

If you know anyone who is wondering how God can allow so much evil in the world, please help them by sharing this post with them.

The Top Ten Lies That Satan Uses to Discourage Christians


Every day, each of us is tempted to become discouraged over one thing or another. Discouragement is contrary to the will of God because He wants us to be joyful and thankful in all circumstances (Phil. 4:4, 1 Thess. 5:18). In fact, discouragement is the opposite of faith in God. When we’re discouraged, we’re not remembering God’s love, nor trusting in His promises of victory in this life and joy for all eternity.

It’s wonderful news that God doesn’t want us to be discouraged because who wants that anyway? God is on our side to help us live a fuller and happier life (Jn. 10:10). Since discouragement is not the will of God, we know that it can only result from falsehoods. Let’s start on the journey to joy by examining what I believe to be the top ten lies that Satan uses to discourage Christians.

1. “God has forgotten about me.”

If you feel this way, you may be waiting for God to answer some important prayers. Remember that Abraham waited many years for God to fulfill His promise to provide a son, but God came through. In nature also, we see that there are both rainy seasons and droughts. Rejoice in the knowledge that this is a time of spiritual growth for you, and know that God never forgets His children (Heb. 13:5).

2. “God doesn’t want me to enjoy life.”

When we suffer, we’re often tempted to see God as remote, and perhaps even as taking pleasure in our misfortune. Again, God wants each of us to live an abundant, joyful life. With that in mind, let’s step back and consider the reasons why we’re sometimes called to suffer (1 Pet. 2:21). The Bible tells us that suffering develops the virtues of compassion, purity, patience, character, and hope (Isa. 48:10, 2 Cor. 1:3-5, Rom. 5:35, 8:28). It also leads to greater intimacy with God and eternal rewards (Job 42:5, Rom. 8:18). By the way, no Christian has ever suffered due to the wrath of God (1 Thess. 5:9). Instead, what happens is that we share in Christ’s suffering (1 Pet. 4:13).

3. “God can’t possibly care about the details of my life.”

We’ve all felt this way because many of our trials seem unworthy of God’s attention. We may also be too proud to admit even to ourselves that we need help to cope with minor frustrations, though we are only human. These lies keep us from taking petty annoyances such as red lights and spam e-mail to the Lord in prayer. Later on, we may wonder why we let minor irritations build up and contribute to an unjustified outburst against a co-worker. God wants you to cast every care upon Him because He cares about everything that concerns you (Lk. 12:7, 1 Pet. 5:7).

4. “I’m too sinful to attain salvation.”

This is true of us all, which is why Jesus laid down His life for us. Don’t refuse God’s mercy by focusing more on your sins than on His forgiveness (1 Jn. 1:8). If Christ is in you, His righteousness is also in you. Trust in God and His Word because steadfast faith conquers everything. Feelings follow faith, and in the long run, so does our behavior.

5. “I’m the worst person in the world at/because of…”

Do you sometimes compare yourself with others while exaggerating your own misery? We’ve all done it, even though it only leads to further depression and despair. If you’re in this rut, stop making false comparisons just so you can feel sorry for yourself. Focus on the blessings you have, not on what you don’t have. Take time every day to give thanks and praise to God, while being sure to praise Him for the wonderful future that He has planned for you (Jer. 29:11).

6. “Wealth and possessions are a measure of God’s love for me.”

True wealth consists of much more than money and possessions. It’s found in intangibles, including our relationship with God (Who has promised us eternal life), relationships with others, and our inner resources. Many people have material wealth, but don’t have joy, peace of mind, good health, and other non-material blessings, all of which I hope you have. After Job lost his family and earthly possessions, he learned that God alone was sufficient for him.

7. “I’m afraid.”

We all have fears, whether they be related to people, the future, or whatever. We need to confront our fears, even if only in our minds. The way to do this is to first accept or “own” each fear. Then sit and reflect on it in the light of reason and faith. Also, find and think about relevant scriptures such as, “He Who is in you is greater than he who is in the world” (1 Jn. 4:4).

8. “Nobody cares about me.”

The sad truth is that apart from God, everyone cares mostly about themselves. People can be lonely even if they have a spouse, a family, and many “friends.” Despite the pervasive self-centeredness in the world, we can still experience nearly unconditional love. It comes from mutual acceptance and sacrifice, which means learning to care about other people in an altruistic way. You can start by taking an interest in other people. Some of them will return the favor by wanting to know more about you.

9. “I’ve missed out on God’s plan for my life.”

God had foreknowledge of all our sins, including those that we would commit after we came to know Him. When we sin and miss paths that God wanted us to take, He’s able to adjust His plans and guidance, as He had anticipated from eternity past. Know that no matter what missteps you have made, God is always faithful. As Jesus assured us, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Heb. 13:5).

10. “God doesn’t really love me.”

When we experience problems like the ones in this list, we can be tempted to think that God doesn’t really love us. However, God sent proof of His love in the Person of Jesus Christ, Who suffered and died for us. If you’re a Christian, it’s only because God chose you to believe in His Son (Jn. 15:16). How privileged we are! If you need further assurance of God’s love, seek Him, for He will surely answer. Psalm 34:18 says, “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

This list is intended to help you address common causes of discouragement. We can’t avoid trials, nor should we expect to. However, we can learn how to properly respond to the lies that beset us and sometimes get us down. Again, it’s the will of God that you be happy because these are not the words of Joel Osteen: “Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice.” (Phil. 4:4). God’s Word also says, “Give thanks in all things, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1 Thess. 5:18).

If this post has helped you, please share it with others who can benefit. Don’t let Satan steal the joy that could be theirs.

My Christian Belief Statement as Poetry

Parallelism Outline 292x356

I created a one-sentence Christian belief statement, which you can see under my photo on the right. This statement encapsulates some of my most cherished beliefs. Despite the brevity, the statement requires some explanation.

Although you might never have guessed it, my belief statement is intended to be understood as poetry. It’s not a western-style poem but an ancient-style one. This poetic form is known as an inverse parallelism. The simplest form is A-B-B’-A’ but further elements can be added, as in the illustration above or in my A-B-C-C’-B’-A’ structure (below).

Inverse parallelisms can often be found in the Bible. My own belief statement illustrates what they look like. This can help you recognize parallelisms in the Bible, and possibly even create your own.

A     The Lordship of Jesus

B     the defeat of Satan

C     the wisdom (of the Bible)

C’     and relevance of the Bible

B’     human responsibility

A ‘     and divine grace.

This may appear cryptic, but I can explain the pairing of the individual elements as follows:

A-A’     Through Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Universe, we have access to the grace that we sinners so desperately need (Heb. 4:16).

B-B’     Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, but we who are in Christ are called to extend that victory in our generation. Satan was, and is being defeated by Christ and the Church.

C-C’     Through Christ and His Word, we have access to divine wisdom. We are responsible for recovering that wisdom and proclaiming the Bible’s relevance for our time.

Parallelisms don’t exclude consecutive or logical relationships such as A-B. They simply add additional relationships. These can greatly increase our understanding of a message. A-B and B-B’ imply that while Jesus defeated Satan, you and I also have roles to play.

The most important elements of an inverse parallelism will often be at the center. I’m comfortable with having put the Bible at the center, and with having had A-A’ enclose everything. This brings up the fact that the final element (A’ for divine grace) is not of least importance as we might expect from a non-poetic understanding, but is in a flanking position.

When we put it all together, this tells a story. We’re in battle with the forces of darkness. However, we’re hemmed in on both sides by the victorious grace of God and we have the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Eph. 6:17).

As you probably have guessed, the above belief statement isn’t meant to be comprehensive. In case you’re wondering, I also believe in the Apostles’ Creed. However, a single sentence is ideal for this purpose.

If you’ve concluded that my belief statement says nothing new, you’re right. Every Christian minister will say that they believe in these things. But ask yourself, does your pastor really believe that Satan is defeated, or does he teach that evil people are progressively gaining control of this world? Does he want to see Christians establish God’s reign in all areas of life, or has he largely reduced biblical ethics to refraining from sin and being good witnesses?

Bible poetry is often easier to understand and validate than this poem of mine. Nobody could have proven an intentional use of poetry here, had I not explained it myself. On the other hand, the extended poems the Book of Genesis take us through the alphabet with the many parallels.

If you agree with my belief statement and appreciate the poetic structure, I think you’ll also enjoy, and benefit greatly from my book, Return to Genesis. You can get a discounted price on it through the link on the sidebar. Finally, if you subscribe to this blog, you’ll find out when I post articles on Bible poetry and other topics.

My Tweet Archive

Martin Pierce photo

Welcome to the Tweet Archive of Martin Pierce! This page contains my tweets from 2012-2014, which are also archived in Twitter. While it’s inevitable that other people may have conveyed similar thoughts in different words before, what you see below are my original words.

I prefer that people follow me on Twitter instead of only reading my quotes here. I constantly send new quotes on Twitter. In addition, I send web links, pictures, quotes from other people, and Bible verses.

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Martin Pierce’s Tweet Archive

#Wisdom : Practical, looks to God for revelation. #Philosophy : Mostly theoretical and human-centered.

Christians should feel at home because God is always with us, but homesick because we’re not in Heaven.

Christian, if anyone asks when you were saved, say it happened 2,000 years ago on a hill outside Jerusalem.

When we choose the “lesser of two evils,” we get what we deserve. Evil triumphs when Christians do nothing.

The most often repeated command in the Bible is, “Don’t be afraid.” God is so demanding, isn’t He? 😉

God, who knows every heart, is able to humble the proud and exalt the humble.

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Jesus calls Christians to build God’s kingdom, not our personal fiefdoms.

Keep apologies brief. The more you talk, the more you may reframe the reality to justify whatever you did.

Since we trust that Jesus will raise our dead bodies, can He not free us from all other forms of bondage?

Jesus is not going to become the Lord of all at some point in the future. He already is.

Thinking of a negative experience from your past? Thank God for it today because He can bring good out of it for you!

Perfection is a battle against excess, whether it be belly fat, hoarded stuff, excess verbiage, etc.

Godly people accept responsibility for their words. They admit when they’re wrong or explain their position when misunderstood.

Even when people who live in glass houses only throw nerf balls, people often retaliate with stones.

Bad news spreads around the globe at the speed of light. Good news usually travels more slowly.

What’s sadder than having someone write “Wash me!” on your car?…

What demands an explanation is not blindness, but the fact any of us can see at all. The same is true of spiritual perception.

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Don’t follow a well trodden path. Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.

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A man complained to a stewardess: “You said these were complimentary peanuts, but they haven’t said anything to me!” (Cont.)

You may be the only nut who can give someone the encouragement they need today. 😉

Human rights are contingent on the concept of human dignity, which westerners learned from the creation of man in God’s image.

True mercy begins with recognizing that God put His image on every baby in the womb.

I’m gr8ful 4 all my Twitter followers. If I write something that offends, pls let me know. I want to encourage & inspire!

Soldiers don’t get to choose who’s in the foxhole with them. Christians should work together because we’re in a spiritual war.

Why everyone needs “tweets.” Under age 30: short attention spans, 30-50: too busy to read much, over 50: nearly senile.

Unbelievers drift between extremes of freedom & bondage, love & hatred. God, however, sets us free to serve Him out of love.

I’m thankful that God hasn’t always respected my understanding of what He “should be” like. His love and grace are amazing!

We can feign humility by not acknowledging our talents, or we can draw attention to them by using them to be a blessing.

There’s no such thing as a “rags to riches” story. People with hope and perseverance are already wealthy in God’s eyes.

Don’t credit only yourself with any success you achieve. We always owe a debt to God and others.

I was literally crucified with Christ, and now He literally lives in me! (I like to use “literally” in a figurative sense). Gal 2:20

God will never think He made a mistake about anyone whom He has chosen for salvation–He doesn’t make mistakes.

Biblical literalists (fundamentalists) don’t fully account for the fact that God is infinite and incomprehensible.

Why do we find the word “fun” in “fundamentalist”? #LifesMysteries

SciFi started with aliens on this earth, then this solar system, then distant galaxies. God has always been much more interesting!

“It’s only by forgetting yourself that you draw near to God.”~Thoreau & “Forgetfulness of self is remembrance of God.”~Al-Bistami

Drawing near to God makes us forget ourselves. The natural, selfish mind cannot forget itself.

Someone expresses emotions such as of having been hurt, and someone else “disagrees.” #thingsthatdontmakesense

Christianity isn’t complicated. We ask in faith according to God’s Word. God gives. Out of gratitude and joy, we can give to others.

Doubting God, blaming people, and wallowing in guilt are all costly substitutes for the acceptance of personal responsibility.

Trials may come because God knows you’re faithful or has chosen you to be blessed, not as a punishment from Him.

Fred (“Mister”) Rogers knew that Christians act either as accusers or advocates. He chose to be an advocate. How about you?

Science helps us master the material world, but God helps us master ourselves.

The claim that Christianity came into existence with no resurrection is like saying a rocket got into the sky with no launch.

Though all sin is outside the will of God, everything affecting God’s children should be accepted as coming from His hand for our good.

Life is like a big box store. If you don’t like something, don’t buy it. No need to raise a big fuss every time.

If you want to be a good writer, don’t overdo wit. #pun

Christian apologist: Someone whose job it is to fix bad theology.

Jesus first recorded words were that He must be about His Father’s business. His last: “It is finished.”

God is concerned about who we are, not only about what we do.

“Help me Jesus” gets 24.9 million global monthly searches on Google. “How to obey Jesus” only 1,300. God has no website, people!

Attention, people Googling “help me Jesus” or “help me God.” God loves you. Please find a Christian, read the Bible, pray to God.

If you’re trusting both in the blood of Jesus and your good works, you have fallen from grace. (Galatians 5:4)

Businesses pay limited wages based on our labor, but God freely grants salvation based on our faith.

The four cherubim constantly sing “holy, holy, holy,” yet they’re closer to God than anyone. (Rev. 4:8) #Ironic

Children don’t have to cajole and beg decent parents to give them food and shelter, nor must we do so with God.

The children of Israel didn’t gain one inch of the Promised Land until they stopped wandering and faced their enemies.

Do you need to worry about a few things? No! Philippians 4:6 says be anxious for nothing.

Our trials and burdens would diminish if only we would see God at work in every circumstance.

The Christian walk is a journey in understanding the good news of God’s salvation.

God doesn’t always hold our hand–not because He needs proof that we believe in Him, but because we need to know it for ourselves.

People like to make snap judgments, but God is known for the Final Judgment. He gives us every opportunity to prove ourselves.

The gospel (“good news”) isn’t about conditions and qualifications, but about unconditional love.

God’s grace is sufficient, not always abundant, but trials help us grow.

If you want to better know your child, provide $ & a list of charities. Who they give $ to reveals their priorities.

Nero didn’t fiddle while Rome burned, but he did play the liar (lyre). #pun (What, you mistook him for Charlie Daniels?)

Hezekiah didn’t care about the next generation as long as he was okay (Isa. 39:6-8). #soundsfamiliar

Must Christians always obey the state? Any “yes” answer amounts to a rejection of Christ our King.

We confuse children and steal from their self-identity if we tell them boys and girls are the same.

Seek to live life from one miracle to the next.

God uses trials to humble us, get our attention, help us empathize with others, and lead us to find purpose and fulfillment in Him.

What’s more important to people than their freedom, values–even friends? For many, it’s whatever the media tells them. L

God saved us by grace to be His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. (from Eph. 2:8-10)

Devotions without action is dead, but action without spirituality is empty. Faith + Works = Salvation

Even if your faith is weak and you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t lose hope! God never forgets His children.

Animals seem to develop more feelings when they’re not in the wild struggling to survive. I think the same is true of people.

God told Gideon he was a mighty man of valor (Jdg. 6:12). What God tells you will often contradict your life experience.

We go to church hoping to see Christ-like people, but that’s a “factory floor” full of works in progress, much like ourselves!

Faith precedes understanding. “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God.” Heb. 11:3

You want to be a success in life? Great! Just make sure you don’t leave God behind.

God didn’t give us prayer as a substitute for doing whatever we can for people.

Though we all make mistakes, life DID come with instructions. The Bible reveals God’s way of salvation and His commandments.

Don’t let momentary anger lead to permanent regret.

We’re all sinners, and yet God put His image in each of us. We shouldn’t forget either of these great truths.

If God grants you influence, it’s not about you, but about what you can do for others.

If you have joy, tell your face! =)

I don’t think tattoos are sinful. It’s a question of what a tattoo represents.-Rev. 3:12 “I will write on him the name of My God”

You may tremble on the Rock, but the Rock won’t move under you. #Jesus

Sex isn’t a tension that needs relief but a desire that requires responsible self-control.

From – to +.We confessed our sin -. God erased our debt 0. By faith, we have Christ’s righteousness + J

Those who count all things as loss for Christ have nothing more to lose. (Phil. 3:8)

A growing awareness of our sinfulness doesn’t mean we’re falling away from Christ, but that He’s calling us higher.

It’s not power that’s bad; only lust for power and the abuse of it. The same is true of money.

When I was young, they told us to think of the starving people in China. Now, kids only have to look out the window. #USA

Before calling us to fight spiritual enemies, God raised us to heaven and seated us with Christ. (Eph. 2:5-7, 6:12)

Our many pain receptors serve as evidence that life is worth suffering for. Conversely, it must also be worth enjoying!

When we’re in the will of God, we may be tested in areas such as faith, finances, friends, and family.

Jesus was not only a sacrificial Lamb, but a Warrior who was martyred for opposing hypocritical religion (Matt. 23)

We can think more clearly if we first clear our minds of negative emotions like worry, fear, and bitterness.

Like a diamond, love is unique, rare, beautiful, precious, reflective, transparent, and forged under intense pressure.

The only limit on God’s ability to work miracles is our faith. (Mark 6:4-6)

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” God isn’t planning to give up on this world!

For Christians, our identity in Christ matters more than what we do. That’s grace. God must judge unbelievers by what they do.

In order to be like Jesus, we must look beyond our temporary struggles to the joy that lies beyond them. (Heb. 12:2)

As God provided stars to guide people in darkness, He’s faithful to guide us even when our spiritual path is dark.

The first rule of interpretation is that we shouldn’t necessarily expect the Bible to say what we think it should.

Moses thought he’d be recognized as the deliverer after killing an Egyptian, but doubted it when God spoke to him from the bush!

Lessons from Moses’ life: 1. Trust in God, not your own judgment. 2. Wait on the Lord and do things His way, in His timing.

Instead of wondering why God chooses to depend on fallible Christians, we should accept this mystery and be His witnesses.

Non-Christians don’t stand a chance resisting God’s love if He reveals Himself to them. #pray

Justification by faith leads to peace, grace to stand, joy in hope, joy in suffering, patience, character, hope, and love. (Rom. 5:1-8)

Christian tweeps, if you have an egg icon, a real picture can help you gain more followers, respect & influence on Twitter.

Since Jesus is Lord of all, our best course of action is to submit to His Lordship without hesitation.

The Church is a grapevine–not for spreading gossip, but for telling others about what we’ve learned from Jesus, the true Vine.

Since Jesus was chastised for our peace, He’s definitely able to relieve our stress. (Isa. 53:5)

Now matter how frustrated we may become in life, we should always be respectful toward God. (Num. 20:1-13)

Be careful putting limits on your plans to do good lest you also limit God.

Jesus gained our salvation through victory, not through compromise.

If we don’t think God’s Word is true in every detail, we’ve misinterpreted it (Matthew 5:18).

A worse problem than teeth that aren’t straight is a mouth that is seldom curved. (Smile!)

If you think building God’s kingdom is laborious, imagine the overtime that Satan must be putting into the evil empire!

Secrecy doesn’t make sin any less harmful. #abortionclinics

God cares, but the frustrating truth is that He doesn’t do a whole lot if Christians don’t pray and act.

Why are some things sinful? 1. God is God. 2. He said so. Why not sin? 1. God is God. 2. He commands us not to sin.

When Jesus returns, He won’t care about who has the most money, but who has the most faith. (Luke 18:8)

If your heart is still wrapped up in something or someone, you haven’t yet turned the situation over to God.

The worst sin of unbelievers isn’t abortion or homosexuality, but their refusal to believe in Jesus. (John 16:8-9)

All who are in Jesus are not condemned (Rom. 8:1). The accusations against us were nailed to the cross (Col. 2:14).

The gospel forces us all to choose between God & Satan, love & hatred, and good & evil.

It’s good to be a perfectionist if you know when to do your best and when to accept “good enough.”

You’re God’s answer! – The perfect person to carry out His wonderful plans for your life! :-)

You’re the answer to someone’s problems. You just need to figure out who they are, and what’s the problem. :-)

Jesus didn’t return to His Father empty-handed. He died for sinners so that we can be with Him, even in this life.

Our words can mean the difference between worthless religion and perfection in the eyes of God (James 1:26, 3:2).

God allows enemies into our lives for a purpose. If you have enemies, ask Him to help you understand why.

We can’t become entirely free of negative emotions, but we can learn to assess them in the light of God’s love and faithfulness.

God’s truth trumps experiential knowledge, yet we shouldn’t be quick to dismiss people’s experiences.

We can either forgive and learn from hurtful experiences or hold grudges and never move on.

The distinction between the angry Old Testament God and the loving Jesus is false because Jesus and the Father are one (Jn. 10:30).

John the Baptist set a great example through his simple message: repent of sin and follow Jesus.

God is the ultimate “alternative energy” Source. He gives us spiritual light, living water, and Spirit wind.

God cares when a petal falls from a flower, and has numbered the hairs on your head. Think about it…

While some people reject the Bible outright, others are content to twist its teachings.

Are your conversations more filled with complaints, or with gratitude and praise for God’s wonderful works?

If you know that Jesus CAN do what you’re asking in His name, trust also that He WILL do it! (Mt. 8:5-10)

We should set the best example we can, then say, “Don’t do anything Jesus wouldn’t do.”

Life isn’t so short that we can’t let someone in front of us talk to the cashier or hesitate at the green light.

Faithful service leads to eternal blessings. Sin offers temporary pleasure, but comes with an eternal payment plan.

Too many American Christians let evil go on because we think God will save us in the end.

The Hubble telescope lets us see light where we never dreamed that it existed. God can do the same for us.

It’s not about how other people treat you, but about how you respond to them.

Inspirational writing helps us get thru the day, but real theology is good for a lifetime.

Every human fetus has a Father. So does every baby, child, and adult.

Even pain and fear can benefit us by helping to guide us in a positive direction and gain maturity.

We can’t identify God’s ministers by whether or not they receive pay for ministry. Every Christian is called to minister.

Theos = God. Logos = Word, logic. Theos + :Logos = theology. We’re all theologians!

Satan wants to keep Christians divided and confused. Effective Christian leaders unite us and expose false teachings.

We can always find ways to justify an unloving spirit. People with low self-esteem may even help us with that. #sad

Faith is uncommon, yet conspicuous. For example, out of 12 spies, only Joshua & Caleb said Israel could defeat the Canaanites.

Can other people see evidence of faith in your life?

Do you think unity isn’t important? Israel didn’t defeat the Philistines until after David had united the twelve tribes.

Jesus showed on the cross that meekness and submission is not the same as powerlessness.

Success depends not only on actions, but also on attitude.

If God puts you in a situation where you need to trust Him, remember that it’s called the Christian FAITH.

True self-awareness is a Christian virtue because knowing that we’re sinners will keep us humble.

Being unhappy with the state of the world means nothing. To make a difference means everything.

Great men inspire their followers. Only Jesus Christ can also empower His followers.

We can’t fill our souls with Jesus while simultaneously feeding our sin nature.

Like a fat belly wanting more food, the sin nature is never satisfied.

If we truly love Jews, we won’t refuse to tell them about Jesus. #JohnHagee

The hardest things to say: I love you. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Help me. Forgive me. I forgive you. I trust you. I’ll do it.

If God wanted us to rely mainly on seminary-educated ministers, they wouldn’t be so divided amongst themselves.

Some people spend their respectability the way politicians spend money.

Haughty people want to have their cake (put others down) and eat it too (gain respect for themselves).

Though we all have different gifts and callings, all believers share in the ministry of glorifying God.

Pessimism is the opposite of God-centered faith.

People who know they’re sinners, and who earnestly seek God’s righteousness will receive it. Jesus promised us that (Matt. 5:6)

Suffering makes us more fully human.

A church doesn’t exist to extend the denomination’s mission, but to help fulfill God’s purposes in the congregation & community.

Who says kids today aren’t interested in history? Clearing browser histories is a top priority these days! 😉

Sign seen in a shop window: “We buy junk. Antiques for sale.” | God can turn your “junk” into something valuable!

It must not be very sinful to be a “false teacher” since that term can only be found in one Bible verse. #badtheology #badlogic

I believe in paying my taxes with a smile. :) The only problem is that the IRS wants cash. :(

God isn’t a prior-a-TEE in our lives if we don’t put Him prior-a-TO our other interests and commitments.

Legislation can never take the place of evangelism and discipleship.

To regret that we’ve sinned is human. To repent and trust in Christ’s mercy is divine.

Even though our reputations matter, the gospel is about Christ’s righteousness, not our own.

People can’t say they stand for justice if they let their government get away with criminal activities.

A quick formula for finding out how rich you are: Add up everything you have. Now subtract everything death will take away.

Are you “saved”? God saved Lot’s family but think of what happened to them (Gen 19). We need faith AND works (Ja. 2:17).

USA’s unlucky number: 1913. The income tax and Federal Reserve were instituted that year to siphon money from working Americans.

It doesn’t bother me so much that God sends trials, but that so many Christians are available for that purpose.

It takes much more than voting booths to form a good government. The people must be virtuous.

God called the creation “good.” Adam and Eve’s presence made it “very good.” Are you helping to make the world a better place?

Salvation metaphors. No work: Getting a free gift. Work: Digging to the bedrock and building a house (Mt. 7:24-27).

If you ask for patience, you’ll have to wait. For wisdom, you’ll have to think. For strength, you must experience weakness.

If people reject you, don’t let it affect you every time. They may actually be rejecting God.

Even though a moral question may not be relevant to us, it can help us develop our sense of morality.

If you’re amused rather than saddened by other people’s ignorance and sin, the joke will be on you in the end.

I believe Christians will have a limited understanding of the Bible until we take a serious interest in Hebrew poetry.

God’s wisdom leads to eternal life, but the wisdom of this world leads to sorrow (Eccl. 1:18, 1 Cor. 1:20, 3:19, 2 Tim. 3:15).

I’m learning to be more positive-minded-not only for psychological reasons but because I’m understanding the Bible better. :)

Everything seems to make the news except poverty and unemployment.

Our faith in Christ shouldn’t be so weak that we refuse to hear opposing views for fear of being led astray.

If you’re a Christian, you’re always God’s witness, whether it be for better or for worse.

A true friend won’t leave you during tough times, or when you admit to a weakness.

If someone trusts you enough to share something personal, it’s probably wrong to just walk away. Who else will they have?

When  you become full of yourself, the first part of you that gets filled up is your ears.

If you judge people for not conforming, you surely would have judged Jesus.

God is not ashamed to see you working on your gift or calling, despite any past sins or failures. (Rom. 11:29)

If you proclaim the name of Jesus, He’ll proclaim your name to His Father. If not, He won’t. (Mk. 8:38, Rev. 3:5)

The difference between a secular and a sacred action is mainly in the motivation.

God holds mercy and justice in perfect balance. Which side of the scale do you lean toward?

God’s kingdom is palatial and populous, but it lies at the end of a narrow, often lonely road. (see Matt. 7:13-14)

Unbelievers’ favorite but most misunderstood Bible verses: 1. Judge not lest you be judged. 2. Turn the other cheek.

Be known for having a big heart, not a big head. “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” (1 Cor. 8:1).

Hardships help us learn true worship.

Political Speechwriting 101: Qt the Bible; Mention “our children”; [insert lies here]; Qt a founding father, “God bless America.”

You don’t have to be greater than your problems. Only trust in Him Who is greater.

You don’t have to know everything, but you do have to know the One Who does.

If you were nobody special, Satan wouldn’t work so hard to convince you of that. Christians threaten his evil reign.

God won’t test us beyond what we’re able to endure, but He may take us to that limit (1 Cor. 10:13)

God made some trees higher than others, but none reach the stratosphere. We aren’t all equal, but neither is any of us a god.

Anyone who is willing to oppose totalitarianism has something to hide from government snoops.

God’s offensive, yet good news is most effectively communicated by non-offensive, joyful people.

Nobody can be a Bible prophecy expert without first being an expert on the language of the prophets–Hebrew poetry.

God’s Word tells us over 365 times to not be afraid.

Don’t be afraid as Job was. | “What I fear most overtakes me. What I dread happens to me.” – Job 3:25

Have faith in God. He has no desire to take advantage of anyone because He’s good; and no motive because He needs nothing.

We can appreciate an artist & his work without arguing over details like the method used & time spent. #creation #genesis1

Most people would rather be lied to than hear truth. Exhibit #1 is the U.S. Congress, which we Americans elected.

If innocent people never suffered, we wouldn’t be able to understand the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

Jesus came to forgive sinners and call us to repentance. There is no greater love and no higher standard.

If one member of the body of Christ does well, all of us benefit. If one member hurts, we all suffer. (1 Cor. 12)

Some prayer requests aren’t entirely in God’s hands, but directly answerable by the pray-ers.

All who have repented of sin and received God’s grace will (super)naturally want to be gracious to others.

Singles who want lasting marriages can gain experience by valuing friends and not betraying or abandoning them.

Since God forgave us, we have permission to forgive ourselves.

Our bodies are merely commodities if we own them. In fact, they’re sacred vessels because God owns them.

If we are merely material beings, it stands to reason that one person can own another.

Whoever trusts in God for protection will see no need to entrust the state with god-like powers for this purpose.

God has forgotten about me. #LiesfromHell

God is happy to see me suffer.

God doesn’t want me to enjoy life. #LiesfromHell

God can’t possibly care about the minor details of my life. #LiesfromHell

People who disagree with me must not like me. #LiesfromHell

God is happy to see me suffer. #LiesfromHell

I’m too sinful to attain salvation. #LiesfromHell

Wealth and possessions are a measure of God’s love for me. #LiesfromHell

I’m the worst person in the world at/because of ____________ #LiesfromHell

I’m afraid of certain people, and/or of Satan and demons. #LiesfromHell

Nobody cares about me. #LiesfromHell

I’ve missed out on God’s plan for my life. #LiesfromHell

In order to lead someone to Christ, I must convince them that I’m right. #LiesfromHell

God has nothing important to say through Christians who aren’t in professional ministry positions. #LiesfromHell

People who disagree with me must not like me. #LiesfromHell

Every Christian is a prince or princess, born anew into Christ’s royal bloodline.

Jesus couldn’t sign a petition or vote in an election, but He was political enough for the Pharisees and moneychangers.

1/3rd of a message is in how you say it; 1/3rd is in how ready the recipient is; 1/3rd is the message itself. (My guesstimate)

In the Old Testament, God used barren fields and wombs to teach men and women to trust in Him, not in themselves.

We can best weather the storms of life by finding out what’s weighing us down and tossing it overboard (Acts 27).

The surest way to see God work is not through buildings, programs, or teachings but through prayer.

Few people want to be the 1st to do something, yet nobody minds being the millionth. The few are the change-makers.

We have 3 choices: 1. Pray & do nothing. 2. Get frustrated & say, “Thanks Lord, but I’ll do it myself.” 3. Pray AND Act!

We would have fewer questions about God’s will if we would regularly surrender our wills to Him.

All the sin and shame from your past is covered by the blood of Christ.

At death, we lose not only possessions, but also the ability to invest love, talents, and knowledge in other people.

We got our complex, tripartite government with its checks & balances from deep thinkers, not crowd-pleasing politicians.

Popularity is no substitute for brains.

Learning to accept yourself as you are is far more important than learning how to fit in.

Fear and courage are choices. The Bible repeatedly commands us to trust God and not be afraid.

Think not only about education and goals, but also about what personality traits you need to succeed.

Who you’re with is more important than where you are. Walk with the Lord. (Psalm 23:4)

If your conscience condemns you, introduce it to Jesus.

God didn’t instruct Israel thru Moses to build a temple in the land. He wanted David to think of it. We can all have inspired ideas. J

In the OT, the tithe was mostly intended to help the poor. If a tithe drives poor Christians further into poverty, that’s #ironic.

People who are into the prosperity gospel will say that can’t happen – that a tithe can only add wealth. Hooey! lol

Wherever you live, did you know that you can keep the polar vortex out of your house by being kind and respectful to others?

If “hooey” means nonsense, what is the meaning of Dewey and Louie? Answer: They are animated ducks, silly! #lol

Our lives aren’t complete if we don’t reflect back on them. That’s why God gave us Sabbaths & old age.

Doctrinal balance isn’t a place of freedom from heresy, but a place where every possible heresy is equally likely.

We should especially love our brothers and sisters in Christ because we’re in covenant with them, not the world.

You can serve either God or money. Just know that money is fleeting, and can’t love you back.

The prophets dreamed of worldwide peace and justice. :) We mostly dream about buying more crap that we don’t need. :(

Preachers need donations, but Christian artists and writers gladly work for free. #sowethink

Challenges and trials make us stronger. Everything that God does or allows is for our benefit.

It’s far too easy to look intelligent in most churches. We need only to read the Bible, as we should.

People who are willing to stretch the truth or lie have an unending stream of arguments.

Humility is essential to learning because know-it-alls have nothing left to learn.

If you only use new information to confirm pre-existing biases, you’re not learning.

Don’t let false or immature followers of Christ get you down. We’ve all been where they are.

The zombie theme is found in the Bible. People are dead before they come to Christ. Some even attend church.

One reason why I find the zombie film genre fascinating is because I might be a good enough actor to play one. #haha

Conformists often consider any person with new ideas to be arrogant.

We can distinguish between someone who’s having a bad day and another who’s full of hatred and slander.

The more I learn about the Bible, the more I see the good news in it. :)

Some people know enough about Jesus, not to become Christians, but to become angry at Christians.

Nobody ever gained knowledge by scorning the wise, or money by envying the rich.

We mostly look back on who we were, but God looks ahead at who we will become.

If you see someone in a downward spiral, don’t wait for them to crash and burn. Reach out to offer help.

When corporations are required by law to maximize shareholder profits, corporate social responsibility is criminalized.

If a government convinces citizens it has the power of life and death over them, they will be submissive. #StockholmSyndrome

Knowledge is power, but our public education system turn people into “sheep” instead of providing a real education.

There will always be people wanting to scare us. Fearful people can easily be manipulated and controlled.

If God’s will for you almost always coincides with what you want, you might need to reexamine the relationship.

Public opinion is powerful, but it can’t make you any less or more than who you are in God’s sight.

In our society, the pressure to conform to worldly norms is greater than any pressure to be a Christian and live a godly life.

A shoutout to all the Christians who are being faithful under pressure. May God bless you and deliver you out of your troubles.

We can guard against pride by knowing that we’re unprofitable servants, wholly dependent on God’s grace (Lk 17:10).

God doesn’t call us to understand our trials, but only to give Him thanks and praise in the midst of them.

The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. The Lord isn’t choosy about who helps with the harvest. (Matt. 9:37, 20:1-7)

Since Proverbs 25:16 says not to eat too much honey, imagine how God must feel about sugar & artificial sweeteners.

One reason Jesus went to the cross is because He foresaw that many would die to their self & live for Him. Are you one of them?

Thank a teacher for any success you have in life. If you fail at anything, we are not responsible. ~ Yer Local School Bored

We want God to be distant when we sin, and close when we are in need. That’s not really how it works.

We should use our abilities and influence to serve others, not exclusively for our own interests.

The ancients often shared beliefs, and even architecture. RT @Earth_Pics: Coincidence or Connection?

# of times you need to get up = # of times you fell + 1 #BestMathEver

If you ever want to quote me without doing an RT, please end the quote with: ~ @CEpub

Have you posted anything on Twitter? If so, congratulations! You’re a published writer. 😉

Ordering our priorities from thin to thick: lawn care (water), family (blood), pancakes (maple syrup), cars (motor oil). #lol

Commercialization and commoditization always capture the true value and essence of a person or thing. #NOT #lol

Sometimes, Christians need to turn OFF the arguing and turn TO the Bible. Plenty of good stuff there about loving one another.

People judge us by our outward appearance, but God looks at the heart (1 Sam. 16:7).

God’s Word is the sign post; faith allows us to see the path; and by God’s power we walk in it.

If you’re a Christian who’s not representing Jesus, you’re repressing Him.

Originality is often adored in children, but often despised among adults.

Instead of being afraid of failure, trust in Jesus and His ability to fulfill His purposes in you.

If you teach children to respect elders, they will have low self-esteem. #kidding #LieFromHell

Your honor, sorry I didn’t pay those parking tickets. Madness took its toll and left me with no change. 😉

If you were a radio, would you be putting out too much noise or taking in too many (or the wrong) frequencies?

Radical individualism is incompatible with Christianity.

If you can’t answer a question or even an accusation, there’s no need to go into attack mode.

If you can’t respond to people, how will you answer to God? Just telling you #truth.

Accountability is not legalism.

Lord, when you call me to go on the offensive, help me to not be offensive.

One nice thing about Twitter is it’s seldom worth the bother to confront anyone. #IMO

Both God and the world can teach you a lot. Do you want to learn from our good Creator, or from His fallen creation?

We’re all free to tweet our own beliefs on Twitter. Anyone who strongly disagrees with me can unfollow. Anger is the wrong response.

Saints like the Apostle Paul and Martin Luther appreciated grace because they first knew the severity of the Law.

Can a Christian who has never struggled with guilt and condemnation fully understand grace? (see Rom. 7)

The disciples couldn’t simply follow @Jesus. Instead, they gave up everything to follow a real Person.

Would Jesus follow you on Twitter or would He be ashamed to see some of your tweets?

I’ve never eaten enough fruit and vegetables, but hey, farmers need to get better at marketing! 😉 #lol

Everything is about money today. Almost nothing is purely about God.

We should like things and love people. Loving things and disliking people is twisted.

If you love food, also love the people who helped produce and prepare it.

A Christian blogger said to me, “I’m not accountable to you or anyone, only to God.” Not so. Teachers are especially accountable.

Any fellow Christian who gives appropriate correction is an authority. We Christians are one body.

The stars in the sky aren’t perfect, but God put them there. Our authorities also have faults, but still God put them there.

Don’t obsess too much over imperfections and mistakes. Remember that even the earth has its faults. 😉

When the Bible says Christ freed us from the Law, it’s referring to the Law of Moses, not the laws of logic.

If you keep seeing the same fault in others, it may be a reflection of what’s in you (Romans 2:1).

Even if we don’t always feel loved, we can be certain that God loves us because Jesus died for us.

Christ + your effort = defeat. Christ + faith = victory.

If you can’t say anything good about someone, you can always choose to be silent.

Sinners often prosper and righteous people often suffer. That’s why we must live by faith, not circumstances.

If Jesus returned now, He’d have billions of fans. Then He would start talking, and that would quickly change.

The problem is not only that power corrupts, but that corrupt people seek power.

I mess up a lot in life, but God forgives and renews me by His grace. Let’s trust Him and get back up whenever we fall.

When arguing, follow gunfighters’ rules: Try not to fire all your ammo, and remember that someone could get hurt. J

Why rejoice in suffering? God loves us, but also knows about our sin nature. He puts it to death so that we may live in Him!

Sometimes things get so bad that you know Satan is overplaying his hand. When that happens, look up because God’s victory is near.

If you’ve hit rock bottom, it means you’re working on the foundation. Nowhere to go but up. J

If Jesus had judged people by their occupations, we wouldn’t have Matthew’s gospel. [Matthew was a tax  collector].

VIP: Any Christian who is serious about doing the will of God. J

A body in motion tends to stay in motion. The same is true of conversations & relationships. Progress comes from moving forward. :)

Isaac & Jacob knew they were blessed because of God’s promises to Abraham. We’re children of God through Jesus Christ. Enuf said.

If you find your brightest rays of sunshine in other people’s failures, you’re living in darkness.

As pictures are worth a thousand words, a word picture can say much more than a literal description.

Lord, if our government can’t be moral, please make it incompetent and clueless. Oh, done! Thank You.

People don’t always see our needs but, thankfully, God does.

Let your past sins be a source of grace. Tell the Lord you’re sorry, and ask that you may never be like that again. (Rom. 5:20, 8:28)

Older people wish we were in our teens or 20’s, but young people have many difficulties in those years. Trust God to see you through!

Atheists have only proven the biblical truth that we can’t know God through worldly or material knowledge.

The Bible leaves no doubt about how God feels about you. He loves you, and He never changes.

Faith is not like a crutch at all, but more a pole that helps us vault over obstacles in our way.

Faith requires that we have courage to overcome challenges instead of backing away from them.

Education can’t turn a fool into a wise man. Only God can do that.

If we have repented, God can use even our past mistakes for His good purposes.

When we don’t see with the eyes of faith, we get an inaccurate and often gloomy picture.

God left a trail of evidence that leads to Him. Sometimes that fades, and we must seek Him again.

Small minds discuss persons. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss theology. :)

The idea that evangelicals could transform society through individual conversions was appealing, yet false.

The idea of transforming society through politics is equally false. People look for simple solutions, however shallow.

Politics doesn’t have to be about seeking power. It should be primarily about leadership for the good of all.

If Jesus is only the Lord of your prayer closet, you have put Him in a closet!

Americans who only criticize the president don’t quite understand how our political system works. #BigBusiness #BigBanks

If you find something to do for Jesus, though you may see no personal benefit, keep doing it!

I never snooze in church. I just meditate on God’s Word. 😉

There’s an easy road through life. It’s called the “highway to Hell.”

When you meet someone with “baggage,” please be gracious. None of us came with a delete key.

Try to respect people’s opinions. They could choose to be silent or lie instead. (Not saying you have to agree).

Jesus died to give us spiritual food and drink, His body and blood, that we might live to Him and give of ourselves.

Let’s enjoy the glimpse in Genesis 2 of the glory of Adam & Eve walking with the LORD instead of only thinking about the Fall.

Plagiarism only became a crime in the modern era. Have you read Matthew, Mark, and Luke lately?

Ever wonder how William Shakespeare’s children understood what he was saying?

Once you achieve success (or if you have), be sure to let people know by not responding to personal inquiries. #sarcasm

Americans aren’t terrified of death, but darned if some terrorist is gonna kill us. That’s why we surrendered our rights to the govt.

Each of us will die when God says the time has come – not a moment sooner or later.

We cannot, nor do we need to know the reasons behind everything. That’s why God gave us faith, imagination, and dreams.

In one of His first encounters with man, God performed surgery. If God wounds us, it’s for a greater healing (Hos. 6:1).

As much as u can, let your life story be good and God-glorifying. Scrooge and the Grinch both changed, but people remember the bad.

Do you think the overall spirit among professional Christian ministers is one of cooperation or competition?

Always be careful what you say because God will be the first to hear your words. (Psalm 139:4)

If someone is worth listening to, it’s because they’ve been willing to change their mind on countless occasions.

One of the unrealized tragedies of our time is the popularity of the strictly literal approach to God’s Word.

To summarize my beliefs, the gospel is good news for all people, in all ways.

The Gospel isn’t like a legal contract with lots of stipulations and warnings in the fine print.

I fear that by the time I figure out how to properly boast about myself, it won’t matter because by then I’ll be senile. 😉

Every new author’s struggle: It takes a second to look at a painting, a few minutes to hear a song, but hours to read a book.

It’s illegal to say that Vitamin C can prevent any disease – except in history books!

Conservatives and liberals were around in Jesus’ time, but His moral positions didn’t fit those pre-made boxes.

Christians face an uphill battle on religious freedom when we are easily dismissed as the “religious right.”

Let’s not be divided among ourselves, nor fellowship with unbelievers.

“Anyone unwilling to work should not eat.” | Yes, but not as simple as it sounds. Most poor people want to work.

Why is most soup not condensed any more? Big soup cans have a huge impact on the environment.

Who you dance with is who you’ll go home with. Do you choose Satan or Jesus?

99 percent of all political pundits know what side their bread is buttered on.

Eggs must be extremely popular in America, considering how so many of us are walking on eggshells. #lol

From what I see in the Bible, faith and holiness are more important than popularity and success.

I unfollow all who haven’t tweeted in the last 90 days. If you want followers, send a tweet at least every 30 days even if it’s an RT.

Compliments cost nothing, and are not a known cause of death or illness.

Some attempted compliments have led to injuries, however. Example: “That dress makes you look thin.”

Some speak of the cross as a reason to expect defeat, but Paul saw God’s provision in it (Rom. 8:32).

He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? – Rom 8:32

You can control conversations by asking questions, but not if you are judgmental.

Old age has made me wiser. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!… Now, what was I saying?…

Scientists have discovered that neutrinos have mass. I didn’t even know they were Catholic! 😉

Old age has made me wiser. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!… Now, what was I saying?…

It’s an injustice that Jesus died for any of us, unless we live for Him.

WWJD? Tough question since Jesus has two roles in prophecy & history: suffering Savior and conquering King.

If accepting science means abandoning faith, I’m not clear on where that’s supposed to have started. Fire? The wheel?…

Don’t chew food with your wisdom teeth cause they’re considered to be vestigial and non-functional. 😉

Who are we  to question much of what we’ve been taught? The answer: People of noble character! (Acts 17:11)

3 Reasons to Forgive (from lowest to highest priority): 1. For their sake. 2. For yourself. 3. For Jesus.

Famous Person: I am humbled by this honor. Master of Ceremonies: Oh, should we have dumped a load of crap on you instead? #lol

You can face adversity as a whiner, a wino, or a winner. Your choice.

Trials help us learn and grow. God wants us to be happy, but not by always making our lives easy.

God makes some extreme introverts, but society often helps keep them that way.

Diversity doesn’t mean we all take sides and war against other groups. It means we think for ourselves instead of letting others define us.

The Bible says more about seeking wisdom for life than about seeking God’s will for specific decisions.

I confess I lose some respect for Christians who disagree with others by quoting a scripture passage completely out of context.

Please do fellow Christians and unbelievers the courtesy of reading the entire context of a passage before quoting it to them.

If we’ve been gently rebuked even once for having misinterpreted the Bible, it’s something we should have taken to heart.

I want to represent, and be represented by God, not by an alleged victims’ group demanding special privileges.

Anyone who wants to bring you down knows that you’re in a higher place.

How to find out if the media is lying to you: 1. Is your TV on? 2. Are you watching the news?

We tend to think we’re like gophers on the Internet, but companies like Google track what holes we’re popping out of. #lol

What most Christians say: “Follow Jesus, not me.” What Paul said: “Follow me as I follow Christ.” The world needs living witnesses.

When we say, “Follow Jesus, not us,” unbelievers may think, “Where is He?”

The term “anal-retentive” is vulgar, offensive, and Freudian – based on falsehoods. Alternatives: persnickety, fussy.

Be persistent! Never give up! There’s no other way to reach your goal. ~ a sperm cell #lol

I’ve met many struggling Christian authors, but not many people who are willing to read or review their books.

Struggling authors aren’t all about money. Many will give you a copy of their book if you consider writing a positive review.

Sometimes, I believe God takes a step back to let you know what people are like. He alone is faithful.

One reason for denominations is so that we can “know” which Christians are on the inside and which are on the outside.

Evangelicalism is supposed to be a giant “in” group, but many Christians (including myself) are not greatly impressed.

Since this world respects and seeks power, it’s only logical that false shepherds may put politics before the Bible.

We shouldn’t form political opinions first, then find scriptures to justify them. Instead, we should start with the Bible.

Ain’t it funny how some of the most ignorant people see themselves as “know-it-alls”?

The jaws of power are open to devour all who cower at the critical hour.

This was a rewrite of: “The jaws of power are always open to devour…the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing.”~John Adams

The doctrine of original sin doesn’t place the blame for evil exclusively on the people you love to hate.

You may be the only evidence of God’s love in someone’s life today.

Why so many fools in the world? Most people don’t seek wisdom, but look for what might serve their self-interest.

Some people say they only want to tell the truth, but it looks like they’re spreading hatred.

I’d compliment you, but I don’t want you to get the idea that you’re superior to me in some way. #satire

As I’ve said before, compliments are not a known cause of illness or death.

The problem with RTs is that they dilute the acclaim that would otherwise go only to myself. #satire

Gates’ Law: If one program on your computer is “Not responding,” it’s the one you’re trying to use.

Mom: Do u have room for dessert? Child: Sugar is like heroin to me, and my stomach can expand. Any more questions?

Mom: Do u want dessert? Child: Let’s just say I’m not letting you take away my steak knife until you serve it up!

Instead of worrying about your eternal destiny, rejoice that your name is written in heaven. (Luke 10:20)

When I found out how much a dentist wanted to charge for fillings, I decided to avoid him like the plaque. #haha

If you help others, there’s no “law of success” that says you’ll be financially rewarded for it. Do good anyway!

If you want to overcome your fears, you’ve got to stop, turn, and face the music.

Preachers these days say all kinds of things that divide Christians, and we take it in stride. This is “normal.”

If you’re on the political left or right, did it ever occur to you that in nature, a single mind controls both left and right?

All the puppeteer has to do when changing between liberal (left) and conservative (right) presidents is change hands.

As I see it, we can either admit that we’ve been stooges, or accuse some people of being crazy conspiracy theorists.

We read our books quietly and alone. The ancient Hebrews and Greeks read theirs loudly in public, often from memory.

We think of poetry as a quaint, needless pastime. The ancient Hebrews and Greeks used it to shape views of history and politics.

I have hope for today, tomorrow, and every day.

I believe in the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God.

I love God, fellow Christians, family, friends, and enemies.

Repentance doesn’t just mean “believe in Jesus.” It means turning away from sin.

Repentance means to change one’s mind or heart. Have you made a change we can believe in?

Christians, don’t let an Antichrist take over the world! | It was for freedom that Christ set us free… (Gal. 5:1)

When a preacher sets a date for Christ’s return, the church finance committee should adjust his retirement account to match it.

Libs: USA is corrupt at the head. Govt-corporate ties. Cons: USA is corrupt at the feet. Welfare state. God: USA is corrupt head to toe.

The most enlightened people can see the shortcomings of both liberals and conservatives.

If u want to be in a church choir, u must believe as the pastor does. That way, he doesn’t have to preach to the choir. #haha

Unbelievers talk about oil and gas “deposits,” but don’t recognize that Someone must have deposited them there.

Oh, I suppose the dinosaurs “deposited” themselves. #lol

I don’t get it. If global warming causes my house to become a beachfront property in a warm climate, won’t that be a good thing? #satire

I suggest caution when counseling perfectionists. Our chief end is to glorify God, and perfection is a quality of God.

God loves perfection, but He also likes to see us get things done. :)

God has given us enough wealth that we shouldn’t always have to do things in a half-assed way. Unfortunately, the top 1% own most of it.

Moral perfectionism is when a person is easily overcome with guilt. This is also a tightrope walk for counselors, imo.

If Christians were more like Jesus, fewer would be leaving churches and more would be (figuratively) overturning tables inside them.

Failure reveals to everyone who we are. This is all the more reason to learn from our mistakes and change.

We can’t allow God’s blessing to flow from ourselves to others without being blessed in the process.

Samson did not commit suicide, as some allege. He died as a warrior. That’s why he’s mentioned in Hebrews 11.

I thought that I came up with a word, but it’s already in the online dictionaries… googlable

Let’s see. Ishmael was like a wild ass; TF all Arabs are like that. Arabs founded Islam;TF all Muslims are like that. Okaay..

I Googled the keys to success, but there were over 10,000 of them so I gave up. #kidding

If someone speaks out against evil, perhaps it’s better to consider the evil than to critique that person’s every word.

How some Christians make me feel. Me: I have a problem… Them: Repent of sin. Is there anything else I can help you with?

The early Christians proclaimed Jesus’ Lordship not as “personal,” but in a way that made the Caesars feel politically threatened.

The early Christians were martyred because they believed that Jesus’ Lordship rightly extends to all people.

There’s a big difference between explaining a scripture passage and explaining it away.

Perception depends on what you’re lookin’ at.

Lies have no power unless we believe them. That’s why Satan has no real power.

BREAKING NEWS STORY!: Here’s what we know so far. We know diddly and squat.  Stay tuned for updates!

If we would honor and pray for our rulers, God would hold them to a higher standard.

It’s impossible for all of us to be destined for greatness, if only because great would become the new ordinary.

People who say we’re all destined for greatness are full of it, but could still be right about you. So, what are your plans?

It can be hard to pray for rulers, but even harder to live under their rule if we don’t pray.

The Pharisees were the fundamentalists and conservatives of their day. The Sadducees were the modernists and liberals. #FYI

It was different then? Not really. God’s ways are not man’s ways.

So banal and callous! RT @thequote: [Babies are] a loud noise at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other. – Ronald Knox

Let’s not always look at what people are, but at what they can become. :)

I’m excited about heaven, but also happy to know that God loves this world and wants me to make a difference here.

It’s not easy for most young people to learn how to relate to others, but they *should* find models of great relationships in the church.

A big “thank you” to all the people, especially married couples, who model great relationships for the rest of us.

I can believe in human potential because I believe in a God Who is greater than us all, and Who is committed to our salvation.

Don’t laugh at someone’s troubles. If God isn’t laughing, we shouldn’t either.

Paul was not the only NT author who wrote about salvation. In fact, his words must be reconciled with Jesus’ own teachings.

Christian: Lord, I don’t understand some Bible verses. God: I will provide for thee a study Bible. #thingsgodneversaid

Life is like riding on a train. Things in the world don’t have to affect us, and all will eventually pass.

IMO, Christians ought to be careful what they read on It’s a “religions” website, not a Christianity website.

We never compromise the gospel by befriending another person. (We can share the gospel later).

When asked whether the snake in the Garden of Eden was a literal snake, Karl Barth replied… (Get ready for it)

“Zee more important qvestion iss vhat vas it zhat zee snake said?” 😀 LOL

These phrases have saved me from a lot of awkward situations: “Not to boast but” and “No offense but”. #JustKidding

I bet some people on Facebook really get annoyed by 140-character cross-posts from Twitter. They’re like, “Where’s the picture?”

You have to imagine things. It’s like reading Lord of the Rings before the movie came out. Tough times. 😉

Social media is a great place to get compassion and sympathy whenever you want to complain about something. #kidding

Something that you try to do for others might not matter. But God sees you trying to make a difference, and that does matter!

God opened the Bible by flipping on the “light switch.” After that, the light of His revelation keeps getting brighter.

QUOTE followed by MY TWEET:

In the Church of Jesus Christ there can and should be no non-theologians. ~ Karl Barth

If a theologian is someone who studies the Bible, why should that intimidate you as a Christian?

If you think our nation can somehow run on autopilot, just be aware there are politicians in the cockpit!

Politicians are servants. Either they serve an informed citizenry or an elite group of the wealthiest people.

Politicians are usually so busy arguing about bills that they have no time to read them!

You can’t believe in the need to think about issues if you believe in letting politicians handle them.

In real life, the Titanic was mainly just a tragedy, not a romantic tragedy.

If people condemn you, they may be guilty of that same sin in their hearts, if not in their actions.

In my experience, most arguments are contrived by people who don’t want to admit where they’re wrong. So they find something to refute.

After he died, a rich man wanted to warn people to repent & believe in God. God said no, the gospel will spread thru the Word, not séances.

That was my summary of Luke 16:19-31

Lord, even if we don’t know much, help us be bold about what we do know (John 9:1-41).

Darkness only helps astronomers get a better view of the stars.

Since we can only see the blue sky during the day time, some aliens could be hiding between the Earth and the Sun. 😉

When they say “Some banks & corporations are too big to fail,” what they’re really saying is “Behold your gods!”

The worst event for mankind is war, but it’s the most lucrative event for international bankers.

Some people lack wisdom because they prefer to be clever.

The reasoning process of sinful people: What this person is saying makes me feel bad. Therefore, he or she must be wrong.

Asking why a polar bear is swimming in the Arctic Ocean is a little like asking why the chicken crossed the road.

It’s unbecoming of a Christian to be quick to accuse others.

Even though God knows all things, He withholds Judgment until the end of time.

In medieval times, kings had to let knights go when they couldn’t pay them. They became known as free lancers. 😉

You do gain something by not risking anything: a dull, ordinary life.

I like to study church growth principles from megapastors, especially ones who have studied business management. #kidding

We experience salvation when we cease from our own labors and trust in the finished work of Christ. This is true rest. (Hebrews 4)

You have to do something to get something from God: Only rest in Christ’s finished work.

With personal happiness comes personal responsibility.

In Proverbs, Wisdom calls out to simple-minded people, not only to people with high IQs (Prov. 8:4-5).

When Christian teachers say they love finding types of Christ in the Old Testament but reject allegories. #makesnosense

The temple and everything in it was so much about Jesus that it isn’t even present in the New Jerusalem! (Rev. 21:22)

Paul defended allegory by asking, “Does God care for oxen?” Certainly! But the Bible is mostly about theology. (1 Cor. 9:9)

Someone should write a book, “How Olympians feel after winning gold” because that’s a great question we all wonder about. #satire

S.S. Question | At the last supper, they ate unleavened bread. | So that was like, gluten-free, right? | Yeah. They had allergies. 😉

I think finding & RT’ing good tweets is a ministry to the Lord that blesses our followers.

Q: How do you know when you’ve been on Twitter too long? A: You feel like going on a retweet. 😉 #lol

So, I bought one of them “dutch ovens.” How am I supposed to turn on the heat? 😉 lol

Thank you, Lord, for all the wonderful people You’ve put in my life. May I also give people reason to be thankful for myself.

If you preach to others while being neither obedient nor convicted, you’re arrogant and hypocritical.

No matter how much you may try to be ready, life is bigger than you. Trust in God to see you through.

If you repeatedly tell yourself you can’t do something, don’t expect to pull off a last-minute miracle.

I might have considered being a Gnostic if I didn’t have to ignore so many active tense verbs in the Bible.

Paul’s missionary activities show that he didn’t just “receive” the Kingdom of God, but actively established it.

We are “reckoned” to be good through faith in Christ, but also keep this in mind. (Picture is titled “A Good Person” & is saved on my computer).

Hummingbirds use a tremendous amount of energy to fly like helicopters, but they do stop to smell the flowers. Are you doing the same?

Watch the ALTITUDE of your ego because that will always affect your ATTITUDE. 😉

I shook up my toner cartridge, and now it has a brand new life! Maybe that’s why God “shakes us” sometimes. :)

If God shakes us and bad stuff comes out, that’s to purge us. It helps us know ourselves so that we can instead trust in Him.

Some Christians seem to be more interested in contemporary human stories (“faith journeys”) than in the Bible’s stories.

I know that our spiritual father, Abraham, had an authentic faith journey. I’m less certain about what your story can teach me.

Sectarians do whatever is right in their own eyes. Coming together to worship in spirit & truth is doing right in God’s eyes (Dt. 12:5-14).

God told Israel to build roads not for trade, military, or even religious use, but so manslayers could flee their avengers (Dt. 19:3).

Science is purposeless and directionless without philosophy or, more accurately (from a Christian standpoint), theology.

When restrained, sex strengthens marriages. Unrestricted, it divides the genders.

I would be much more popular if only I had a decent robot.

God gives us no extra credit for wearing a long face as we endure trials.

If fat can “melt away,” why are there so many fat people in hot places?

God doesn’t only command us to live virtuous lives, but empowers us to do so through faith in Christ.

Theology that prepares us for heaven will also serve us well in this life.

Careful what you pray for. After I prayed that someone would turn to God, he joined an eastern religion. Now says he’s a god. j/k

Bumblebees used to be called humblebees. Like honey bees, their population is declining.

Mr. Algebra teacher, do you have relationship problems? | No. Why? | You’re always asking us to find your “x.” 😉 haha

It’s God’s job to make decisions about eternal matters. Our job is only to know, trust, and follow Him.

Even if other people can’t relate to whatever you’re going through, God always can.

You don’t have to apologize for everything but when you do, take 100% responsibility for your actions.

You already know this, but it bears repeating. If Christ forgave you, you should forgive others.

Some ppl get angry at ppl on welfare who shud be working. If someone uses drugs, work no longer matters cuz they shud rot in prison.

I’m as cynical as anyon. The hope that I see for mankind is in the Bible and the grace of God.

I wouldn’t want to read people’s minds. Motives can be too ugly.

There aren’t good Christians and bad Christians. There are just Christians, saved by grace.

Don’t let your eternal fate depend on what other people say about God. Study the Bible for yourself!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ~ Hippocrates

Some people learn the language from talking; others from reading. The difference is that the first group doesn’t know how to spell. :)

Even the least among us has something to offer that God values highly – a broken heart.

[include next FIVE tweets with this].

The least among us can also complain to the Lord if we mistreat them… and He definitely hears them.

If someone isn’t even aware that we mistreated them, God still sees it.

That makes me fear God (see last 3 tweets).

Deuteronomy 24:15 is about poor people who cry out to the Lord against rich people who withhold wages.

I don’t think the Bible endorses the attitude of, “One day, maybe I will repay that person the favor.” What can we do today?

My last 6 or 7 tweets could have become a blog post, but they take so much time, it may never be. :(

I don’t think Americans in general are gluttonous and lazy. I think it’s the mutant wheat.

God put it in our hearts to help other people by doing good. Computer games often simulate that.

The Bible is much more than words. People, including the Son of God, prayed, sweat, cried, and bled to make it all happen.

There are three kinds of Americans: fundamentalist conservatives, bleeding heart liberals, and the ones who see through that BS.

Man is not only God’s highest creation, but also His lowest. | “I am a worm and not a man.” Ps. 22:6

Jesus was no “worm”, though that statement is found in prophecy (Ps. 22:6). We are the worms because of our sins.

When Christians write a lot of snarky opinions about TV and culture, I wonder why they are taking so much of it in to begin with.

The Titanic is going down, but at least we get to sit in our deck chairs and criticize the captain. #makesnosense

When a Christian writes a lot of snarky opinions about TV and culture, I wonder why they take so much of it in to begin with.

A: I’m tired of working and arguing w/people. B: Oh, we have a game for u. A: What’s it got? B: Simulated work and fighting. @@

Don’t tell children they will become hyperactive after eating sugar, or they may (placebo effect). It’s a myth.

Two things are important in life: The things you do and the reasons why you do them.

We can honor veterans without glorifying the military-industrial state. They are two different things.

Please don’t steal my tweets. RTs with my @ are fine. Stealing can lead to a Twitter suspension.

The Chiffon commercial (from the 70s) warned us that Mother Nature can be a bitch…

The Chiffon commercial was ironic: Don’t try to fool Mother Nature, but eat fake butter instead of real thing. Can our bodies fool nature?

Sad but true.

The Jews told Jesus, “We know what to do: Toss out the Romans!” Jesus replied, “No, war isn’t the solution.” #paraphrase

Sometimes I imagine what Jesus would say. That isn’t the same as falsely claiming that it is Scripture.

No sissy could have become rabbi and Lord to Peter, the “sons of thunder,” an anti-Roman zealot, and a despised tax collector.

It’s not so much that Americans aren’t protesting in the streets. It’s that very few are looking for solutions to our problems.

It takes no faith for a Christian to give up on this world and hope that Jesus will come back for them. Butt-sitting is not faith.

My blog and book are very much about seeking answers in the Bible, such as this article:

Don’t spread fear and tell me it’s faith.

The communists used public self-criticism as a means of control. We need to be humble, but not go too far. Balance in all things.

If you don’t have hope, you’ve already lost.

In Greek mythology, evils roam the world but hope stays in one place. Our hope should be entirely in God and His salvation.

When you look ahead in life, you may see rivers and gorges. When you get close enough, you’ll see the bridges.

Job interviewer: Have some toast… Now place it upside down. Applicant: No. I know what side my bread is buttered on. Interviewer: You’re hired!

Johnny: Mommy, I’m bad at math. | Mom: Never say you’re bad at anything! | Johnny: OK, let’s not say anything bad about this “F”. #lol

If you appreciate something, share it with others. Yep, that includes tweets! :)

Everything’s ethical as long as you’re making a buck. #LiesfromHell

One advantage of tweets being so short is that anyone who responds has probably gone to the trouble of reading it.

Yogurt is the result of someone saying, “If my milk is going to spoil, I want to use this bacteria that makes it still taste good.”

If, on social media, you often share posts from celebrity pastors, but seldom like or share posts from family & friends, shame on you.

We all have some good things to say, and everyone needs some attention.

It’s not two-faced to be nice to people you don’t like. It’s called being civil.

Evangelism is about more than “Pray this prayer,” and discipleship more than “Come to our church.”

When we wrongly judge someone, we become blind to good qualities that God has put in them.

This isn’t self promotion, just the truth. People don’t share good content as much as they should. Talking about Christians.

Some people unfollow because they don’t agree with 100% of my tweets. Overall, we’ve become intolerant people.

We’re intolerant because we’ve been politicized by political extremists, and denominationalized by dogmatists.

If truth hurts, you may choose to stop listening, but it isn’t going to go away.

Most people would rather let themselves be manipulated than accept the burden of thinking for themselves.

The only thing more disgusting than a zombie is one who dances and shouts, “Praise the Lord!”

Sometimes God is more interested in cries for justice than in shouts of praise.

Atheists mock because many Christians give the impression that God only wants to be praised.

If praise lifts you up, that’s wonderful. Praise is good. Have you spread that blessing by lifting up someone else?

Since the USA tries to impose our morality on other nations anyway, we should ask them to not persecute Christians.

We can’t always be religiously pluralist and morally neutral at the same time.

When someone sins against us, we must forgive them and work with the Holy Spirit, Who convicts the guilty.

Don’t think to yourself, “God created us to pursue our own interests. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

If someone rejects the gospel, that doesn’t mean it was never good news for them.

Introverts are sensitive to the negativity in social interactions. Extraverts are more mindful of the positives.

Like a bird, I tweet to please the Lord, not people. #lol

Only one sperm cell breaks thru to fertilize an egg, but many others help. So we all should do what we can even if we don’t see the fruit.

Heaven is known for glory all around, but we can safely say there’s a shortage of it in this world, even for those who deserve some.

Paul referred to fellow believers as saints because church officers had thoroughly investigated their works & canonized them. #kidding

Because I love Jesus, I care about exposing threats to our freedoms, which includes freedom of religion.

Give millions of dollars to research institutes and PR firms, and you can make a lot of people believe in lies backed by nonsense.

The Old Testament contains shadows of future events, as if the brightness of God’s glory shone back from Christ into the past.

Though my body suffers from bad food choices, it has never judged me for anything I’ve eaten. It just makes the best of it. #thankful

I try to eat good foods so that I don’t abuse the precious body that God gave me. :)

I wonder how people were able to stay hydrated before they invented disposable plastic water bottles. #mystery #jk #lol

If I miss my Bible reading, I pick up again where I left off. Failure to attain perfection is no excuse for not doing what we can.

Many people only want to be challenged to a point where they can feel pleased with themselves.

Christians, I don’t care if your website url has your name in it, but I don’t want to see a giant picture of you on every page.

If a doctrine is new, then it probably isn’t true. #Dispensationalism

Peace making is not just about settling arguments. It’s about trying to bring people closer to God.

Perhaps one reason why some Christians get theology wrong is because for them it’s little more than an intellectual curiosity.

If your theology leaves innocent victims in its wake, maybe it’s not biblical. #militarism #fascism #prosperitygospel

If Jesus had had to rely on His resume and standard #HR practices, He would have been a carpenter all His life.

Jesus could heal, but He could never have gotten a job as a doctor.

Jesus gave people hope and spiritual life, but He could never have been hired as a psychologist.

Jesus was (and is) God’s Son, but He wouldn’t have met formal qualifications to become a pastor.

Jesus didn’t fit into any of the boxes that people had made for one other.

Right now, people are praying to receive things that you and I probably take for granted.

If people working to reform our society have a victory, the media (if they report it) act as if we have a well functioning democracy.

Demanding an address and phone number on job applications is biased against the homeless. UK only lets them ask for email.

If people working to reform our society have a victory, the media (if they report it) act as if we have a well functioning democracy.

Every possible issue in framed in terms of Democrats vs. Republicans, as if that’s always relevant.

God doesn’t want us to accumulate too much stuff, though I’m hoping He’ll make an exception when it comes to books. 😉

I should make & try to sell Twitter blindfolds for all the times you don’t know how your tweets are being received.

You could wear the blindfold while creating your next tweet, and while hitting the [Enter] key.

If someone gets rich selling Twitter blindfolds, remember that you saw it here first. :)

God blesses the “seed of Abraham,” which is Christ. We aren’t here to sow our own seeds.

Spreading “my” ministry and “my” teachings is sowing our own seed, which is spiritual fornication.

Our own seed produces weeds, but God’s seed produces bountiful harvests.

Joshua told the people of Israel, “God will conquer Canaan for you!” Then they all sat and waited. #notwhathappened

You know you’re in a real relationship with someone if you can’t click a button to “unfriend” them.

No one thing you do will change your life, but a lot of small things will.

However, if you do need to change your life, become born again if you’re not already.

If you honor Jesus in your heart, you will honor His ministers, regardless of whether or not they are celebrities.

Some people on Twitter only follow me if I follow back. What’s worse is people who only follow Jesus if He does things for them.

A lion may be able to kill a deer, but haters have no power over us that we don’t grant them.

Hannah’s prayer makes it look like God had appeared and taken over the world. In fact, she had gotten pregnant (1 Sam. 2).

“Small” miracles CAN assure us that God will ultimately defeat all evil.

Even a “non-miracle,” such as baptism or the Lord’s supper, can become a source of hope and faith.

1 & 2 Samuel reveal the fulfillment of Hannah’s prophetic expectation in David’s song of praise (1 Sam. 2, 2 Sam. 22).

People are so egocentric that we even have a tendency to make theology revolve around ourselves.

I am thankful that Jesus understands our temptations and helps us overcome them.

We shouldn’t be fat and junk-food absorbed. Neither should we be fit but self-absorbed.

If someone says, “to be honest with you,” it doesn’t mean they normally lie. It means they are being open about a difficult topic.

Older people shouldn’t judge younger people as if they have the same economic opportunities we did. Sadly, they don’t.

Young people, older folks may annoy you with advice but we don’t want you to waste years of life as we have. Please be polite.

You don’t know that you can’t do something until you’ve tried it.

Do you want This is why God’s wrath is being poured out on us. #1 reason.

God is fed up with this: “I don’t care about the sins of my neighbors and this nation. Forgive my sins.”

If nobody would accuse you of “wasting your time” on prayer and Bible reading, you’re surely giving it too little time.

People often worry about follow counts, but during Jesus’ ministry His “follower count” fluctuated wildly. 😉

The desire to count followers threatens to make politicians of us all. Excuse me while I vomit…

The only thing certain about anyone’s life is that it will end.


This list was last updated on March 26th, 2014.