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The Blog Title

I’ve learned that nothing is more relevant for our time than ancient wisdom, and that no wisdom is greater than found in the Bible. Since “ancient” is an overused word, I chose “premodern.” This term is easily contrasted with the prevalent worldviews of modernism and postmodernism.

Topics Discussed Here

Below, I’ve listed some questions that are important to me. How about you? I either already have, or will soon answer these questions and many more in this blog:


  • How can I live a victorious, faith-filled life?
  • How can I find a sense of purpose in life?
  • How can ordinary Christians make a difference in the world?

Community & Culture

  • How can Christians become cultural influencers?
  • Can we recover the Bible’s wisdom tradition in our time?
  • Does the Bible tell us anything about modern-day politics or economics?


  • What is the proper balance between reading the Bible as literal words from God and as literature written by people?
  • What is the “gospel of the kingdom” that Jesus called us to preach?
  • What is the kingdom of God?
  • We say Jesus defeated Satan, but what does that mean?
  • Among the various expressions of Christianity today, what did God intend for the Church to look like?
  • What does the Bible say about Creation and the End Times?

This blog is about Jesus, not me. That said, if you like this blog, it’s only natural and human to wonder who’s behind it.

God is a storyteller Who wants to weave a story through each of our lives. I couldn’t think of how to communicate my life story until I realized that it might help to explain what kind of “bird” I am. It’s complicated, but some bird metaphors will definitely help…

Ostrich 176x200I don’t know about ostriches, but I started life as an extreme introvert. As an adult, I’ve been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Although I’ve gained social skills over the years, I’ll probably never be mistaken for a “schmoozer” or social butterfly. I now appreciate how this “disorder” has given me a unique perspective on life. I’m using this gift to present unique insights through this blog for your benefit!

PhoenixNot long after graduating from high school, I heard the gospel, repented of my sins, and became born again. Although I’d been raised as a Catholic, this experience was completely new to me. God transformed me from within. This phase of my life is illustrated by the phoenix, which early Christians recognized as a symbol of Christ’s Resurrection.

Canary 160x200People have described me as a “canary in a coal mine.” As canaries know good air from bad, I’ve always tried to distinguish good from evil. I know the postmodern trend is to see all things in shades of gray. However, the Bible teaches us about good and evil, and gives us wisdom to make good choices. I always try to let the Bible have the final word, not popular “Christian” teachings.

Owl 169x200Owls are solitary birds that are said to be wise. I’ve sought wisdom by studying theology, history, culture, psychology, economics, politics, philosophy, and more. Since my faith journey has led me to Fundamentalist, Pentecostal, Reformed, and Mennonite churches, I’m familiar with most Evangelical beliefs. As a generalist, I’m good at grasping concepts and “big picture” issues.

Dodo bird 177x200Ever since I discovered poetry throughout Genesis (as explained in Return to Genesis), I’ve felt a strong connection to the people of that time. Surprisingly, I think in much the same way as they did. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to so easily understand their metaphors and symbols. Unfortunately for me (and I think, for all of us), that culture is now as extinct as a dodo bird.

Eagle 208x200There’s no higher call (when using bird metaphors) than to become an eagle Christian. Eagles have sharp vision and immense strength. They float effortlessly on wind currents; soar to great heights; dive at high speeds; and are great providers for their young. They’ve been associated with the Sun, the sky, heaven, freedom, and leadership. Since my goal is to become an eagle Christian, I chose that symbol to represent this blog.