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I love comments!

Comments help a blog morph into a community. God works through mutually encouraging and supportive communities of believers. Disagreements are also part of community life, so please comment even if you disagree or see things differently.

Comments are also welcome to me personally. As a writer, I need and love feedback! I admit that I most like to be encouraged. However, I also need criticism so that I may correct any errors and become more sensitive to the views and feelings of those who disagree with me.

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Commenting Policy & Guidelines:
  1. Value. My goal is to create exceptional value through my blog posts, as well as to create a community that creates value. I encourage you to create value for yourself and for others as you post comments. Please make an extra effort to present a positive tone since we can’t hear your voice.
  2. Language. Keep in mind that your comments represent not only your opinion but also your person. Any comment containing foul language will come under close scrutiny, and may be deleted.
  3. Personal Attacks. Unacceptable!
  4. Relevance. Please keep your comments brief and relevant to the blog post topic. For lengthier comments, please do everyone the favor of creating paragraphs.
  5. Editorial Discretion. I reserve the right to:
  • Delete any comments that go against this comment policy.
  • Block offensive commenters.
  • Allow a comment to sit in moderation for an extended period of time. – If your comment falls into moderation, I will try to approve it as quickly as possible. Please be patient if this process is delayed.
  • Edit the content within a comment. – My desire is to keep the comment as close as possible to the original submission, but I may edit a comment to correct grammar or spelling.
  1. Pingbacks and Trackbacks. These functions are disabled for reasons expressed here.
  2. Comment Box Missing? I reserve the right to “shut down” comments on a particular post at any time.
  3. Links. You are welcome to provide a link to your website or blog. Please limit the amount of links in your comment. I reserve the right to delete links, including invalid, irrelevant, or affiliate links.
  4. Email Address. All commenters must provide a working email address since I may need to contact you about your comment. Your email address will not appear in your comments.
  5. Response. I don’t have time to respond to all comments, nor do I feel it is necessary. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t respond to your comments.
  6. Spam. Most of this goes into my spam folder, but I do review each one before deleting.
  7. Publisher Discretion. You grant me license to maintain comments as part of the site content; and to use your comment in blog posts, written material, and any other form of publishing.
  8. Legal Responsibility. Each author remains responsible for the legal and other consequences of his or her comments. You agree to “hold harmless” me and any blog post author that writes for Premodern Wisdom of any and all repercussions, damages, and liabilities.

Again, I LOVE COMMENTS and want to do all I can to foster community and conversation here on this blog!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me via the contact page.