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Welcome to the Tweet Archive of Martin Pierce! This page contains my tweets from 2012-2014, which are also archived in Twitter. While it’s inevitable that other people may have conveyed similar thoughts in different words before, what you see below are my original words. I prefer that people follow me on Twitter instead of only reading […]

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The Greatest Town Ever: Christmas, Sports, and Glory


Bethlehem by Vasily Polenov (1882) We know the day of Christ’s birth was a glorious day, but what could Christmas possibly have to do with sports? Christian theologians generally have little to say about sports because frankly, the Bible tells us virtually nothing about sports in ancient Israel. Even so, I’m about to reveal a hidden […]

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The Best Way to Help the Poor


Debt-Free Money Will Help Us All (and Why Libertarian “Solutions” Won’t Work)   Christians have a duty to help the poor since this is a biblical mandate (Deut. 15:7-11). Unfortunately, our monetary system is designed in such a way that it redistributes wealth from the poor to the rich. Thus, no matter how generous we […]

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Why We Need Bible Poetry


Illustration by William Blake; Edited to include Psalms cover page In my last post, I made the case that by His own choice, God needs Man. You may want to read that if you haven’t already. In any case, I will briefly explain what that had to do with Bible poetry, and how it led […]

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Does God Need Man?


Without question, people need God. We desperately need Him because He is our Creator, Savior, and the Provider of all good things. That is uncontroversial among Christians, but I’m about to consider the question, “Does God need Man?” I will argue that according to the Bible, our Lord has chosen to rely on believers in some ways. You’ve likely been taught […]

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How to Witness as a Winner


Since witnessing from a spirit of dejection and defeat won’t help anyone, all Christians should know how to witness as winners. After all, nobody wants to be like someone who is caught up in their own problems, living a life of misery. Jesus described His message as “good news,” and He called us to be “overcomers” […]

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How to Use GPS – God’s Plan of Salvation (Infographic)


  You may use a GPS device to navigate the roadways, but the most important “GPS” is God’s plan of salvation. His plan for your salvation involves not only faith, but also works. The question that people asked after they heard Peter preach on the Day of Pentecost was, “What must we do to be […]

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Biblical Literalism is Irrelevant and Impotent

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Nebuchadnezzar by William Blake The hugely popular approach to Scripture known as biblical literalism has resulted in cultural and political impotence for the Church, and led to many false and harmful teachings. I explained this in detail in my book, Return to Genesis, and will happily do so more briefly below. In a previous article, How […]

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How to Study the Bible: 13 Principles


Every Christian who is able to read and study the Bible should do so. One of the most important skills that anyone can have is that of knowing how to study the Bible. The people of Berea tested Paul’s teachings against the Scriptures (Acts 17:11). We should also study the Bible for ourselves, for the […]

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God’s Dominion and Christ’s Kingdom


These terms, dominion and kingdom, are two of the most important words in the Bible. Unfortunately, they may also be the most commonly misunderstood terms. Mention either of these words in the “wrong” context, and you will have contention. If you believe, and confess that Jesus is establishing His kingdom on the earth, some Christians will […]

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